Poster, the last

The big night kicks off in just a few hours. We hope while you count down to our first ever New Faces Showcase, you'll enjoy this last amazing poster designed by Ian Johnston. This was hands-down one of our favorites. Great work Ian. Happy St. Patrick's Day, see you all in a few hours!


Poster #6, a.k.a. "The Cat Has Eyes"

This is absolutely one of our favorites from the Mrs. Zambori's Digital Imaging class. Isaac Reynolds hit it out of the park with his cat poster.


Poster 5

Here's an absolutely beautiful poster designed by Ava Da Re, again from Martins Ferry High School's Digital Imaging class.


Poster #Quatro

Here's a great one by Taylor Chieffalo! Thanks Taylor, keep up the good work!


3rd Friday Poster #3!

Here's another great poster by Peightyn Bumbico! Hope to see you all Friday night!


Show Poster #2

Today's show poster was designed by Caleb Reynolds, again of Mrs. Zambori's Digital Imaging class at Martins Ferry High School. Nice work, Caleb!


New Faces Showcase

Hello friends, we have an exciting show coming up at 3rd Friday this month. We are excited to announce our first ever New Faces Showcase. We will feature 5 artists, most of whom have never played 3rd Friday before. Each will play 20-25 minutes. We'll be featuring Kaydon and the Kingsman, Sleepy Ghost, Ananga and Robert Martin, The Sunflower Brothers (formerly Mammals of the National Parks) and Dayne Harris. As always, it's a free, all ages show starting at 7pm!

Since this month will feature a lot of new faces, we jumped at the opportunity to work with students from Martins Ferry High School's Digital Imaging class taught by Mrs. Zambori. Long-term substitute, Mindy Sears asked if the students could do some design with B+T as a class project, and we thought what better project than designing show posters!? Each student designed their own poster, and we'll be sharing them one at a time through this blog. Additionally, we have chosen three to print and place on display at the Artworks space in Centre Market, Wheeling. 

So this afternoon, here is our first poster designed by student Sydni Trudo. Check back tomorrow for our next poster!


Artworks' Artists of the Month - October

Tomorrow night is 3rd Friday! We hope you're excited, we sure are. This month we'll be treated to performances by Wheeling favorites Adrian Niles, Matt Heusel (of Two Bridges) and Glynis Board. As always, it is a free show that's open to all ages, and it's BYOB. There are always snacks available for sale, and it would help us greatly if you'll take advantage of that. The proceeds from concessions all go to keeping the lights on for the event. We aim to always give 100% of the tips to the musicians. 

Speaking of that, another thing you can do to help us keep the lights on, is to support Artworks directly. There will always be an Artworks member on hand at every 3rd Friday event. Please take the time before the show, and during intermission to look at the art. If you're interested in purchasing anything, you can, just visit the desk!

Additionally, every month Artworks features one or more artists, and displays an entire collection of their work in the gallery (the smaller area where the performances take place). This month, the featured artists are Cecy Rose and Cheryl Harshman. Please feel free to support these amazing local artists. B+T believes that a thriving music scene is dependent on a strong art scene. And every dollar you spend on art helps us maintain the space for future music events as well. 

One last thing, we are currently looking for sponsors who believe in our mission to provide a space for local, original music. If you or your business would be interested, please email us at, or send us a message on our Facebook page. We'd be glad to help promote you, too!

Good things,


Q&A w/ Concrete Teepee

(resisting the urge to make the easy Beavis and Butthead Cornholio reference or a clever but probably offensive 9/11 joke): Hey, check these guys out. They're great! Happy Sunday, y'aaaaaalllll!

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Q&A w/ The Pussyfooters

Disclaimer: Howie and Jeremiah responded to our questions with just a series of hilarious but ultimately ridiculous memes.  So, we had to stay up all night interpreting and translating them into something that all of our readers could understand

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Q&A w/ Joshua Lee

Q: Hometown and current home base -

A: I grew up in Rensselaer, IN, moved to Nashville, TN right after high school, and spent 13 years there until moving here to Wheeling 3 years ago.

Q: Either make up a new word for your genre, or give us 5 words to describe your sound

A: Ambient indie folk-dream-pop

Q: What are you listening to now? What would you have been listening to when you were 15?

A: Now: Bahamas, Jenny Lewis, Blake Mills, and KOL's Because of the times are in pretty heavy rotation now, and I will always return to Ryan Adams and M83,
But when I was 15, I was wearing out whatever Audio Adrenaline and DC Talk CD had come out most recently.

Q: What are you promoting/what are you working on now?

A: I'm working on my first Album or EP right now. I hope to have it out by Spring.

Q: How do you write a song?

A: I usually need to be alone, and have quiet. Most often, my songs grow out of a particular chord progression, riff or ambient thing that really moves me. If it's strong enough, a lyric or melody (sometimes both, simultaneously) will follow.

Q: What song do you wish you wrote? (Assuming money and credit would NOT be factors. i.e. Only you would ever know that you wrote it and would only be rewarded with the private satisfaction of that knowledge)

A: This could be a really long list, but the top right this second would have to be "Fake Empire," by the National. That song is everything. The lyrics paint such a strong picture for me, the recording is beautiful, it's the perfect kind of melancholy that shows up in all of my favorite songs.

Q: If there was one place in the area you could play a show, where would it be?

A: The Capitol, I'm a sucker for a beautiful, old theater

Q: Are you "there" yet? (Interpret this in any way you see fit, but I really refers to your own assessment of your progress as a musician, songwriter, or band)

A: I am, and I never will be. I chased "making it" in Nashville for a long time, and by a lot of measures, I made it. But ultimately "it" wasn't for me. I want to make music and still be a part of my family, and I just couldn't figure out how to do that in Nashville. After some time away from music, things started to make more sense to me. I don't need the big tours, I don't need the big record deals, I just need to make songs and record that I'm proud of. That being said, I'm never really happy with stuff, so hopefully I'll never feel like I'm "there." Dissatisfaction is too important to me.

So, about 3rd Friday...

This past Saturday morning, B+T made a pitch to the good folks at Artworks. Our dear friend, Andrew Croft (founder of the original 3rd Friday at Artworks) had introduced us to someone at Artworks who believed in the event and wanted to see it continue. Of course we wanted to see it continue, as well. As you may have read in our first blog post, there aren't a lot of places around town that are friendly to, much less outright supportive of, local and original indie music. So we spent a couple months working on a pitch to partner with Artworks so we could see to it that Andrew and his wife, Patricia's hard work hadn't been in vain. As local musicians, and especially as B+T, we can't thank the Crofts enough for their work. To put it bluntly, B+T probably wouldn't even exist, if not for 3rd Friday. 

So maybe you already know where this is going, but... Artworks approved of our proposal! What this means is that we are now officially partnering with them to put on the 3rd Friday at Artworks event. What does that mean to you? Initially, not much should be changing from the original event. We will continue to produce fantastic, free shows that feature local, original music, poetry and spoken word, etc... There are plans for some improvements in time, but we'll talk more about those in coming months (so you may want to like and turn on notifications for our FB page). The most important thing right now is, 3rd Friday at Artworks is back! We'd like to publicly thank Artworks for maintaining such a high view of local music, as well as for putting their faith in us to keep this important event alive.

While all this has been going on, we've also been hard at work building this humble collective. We've been bringing artists and bands on board, and putting our heads together to decide the most effective ways to grow the original music scene in Wheeling. Almost from the beginning, we've seen 3rd Friday as a potential important piece of the puzzle, and now that we're officially involved, we'd like to announce that Friday, September 16th, 2016 will be our own real-world kickoff. That night will see both the return of 3rd Friday at Artworks, as well as the official launch of The Bridge+Tunnel Collective. The bill will feature multiple members of B+T including The Pussyfooters, Michael Iafrate, Old Northern, Mange, Mr. Fancy Pants, and Joshua Lee. It would mean a lot to us to see you there. Come to show your appreciation for Artworks, come to get to know B+T, and most of all, come to enjoy a killer show and an unforgettable night. Thank you all, and spread the word. Good things in Wheeling.



Good morning, Wheeling

It started as an idea for a music venue.

Maybe we could find a little space and open our own venue aimed at local, original music. The more we talked, the more we realized we weren't ready for that quite yet. First we needed to organize. There's great, original music in the valley already, but the basic infrastructure for a music scene isn't here. Primarily, the problem is a lack of a great venue that can act as the epicenter for the local scene. That place where people know they can show up any night of the week if they're interested in original music. That place where musicians can meet each other and trade ideas, and bandmates. That place where the younger, up and coming musicians can plug into the scene, rather than leaving town to find one that's already functional. 

Our goal is to act as a virtual venue until we can become the real thing. We aim to bring together great indie musicians and bands, and promote shows in several different spaces. We hope you'll learn to trust the B+T name as a group that can put together great shows. We hope you'll help us. If you're a photographer, graphic artist, recording engineer with a good home studio, web designer, or videographer, we want to get to know you. If you want to help, in any way, with this project of building a scene here in Wheeling, please reach out.

Let's do it.