Good morning, Wheeling

It started as an idea for a music venue.

Maybe we could find a little space and open our own venue aimed at local, original music. The more we talked, the more we realized we weren't ready for that quite yet. First we needed to organize. There's great, original music in the valley already, but the basic infrastructure for a music scene isn't here. Primarily, the problem is a lack of a great venue that can act as the epicenter for the local scene. That place where people know they can show up any night of the week if they're interested in original music. That place where musicians can meet each other and trade ideas, and bandmates. That place where the younger, up and coming musicians can plug into the scene, rather than leaving town to find one that's already functional. 

Our goal is to act as a virtual venue until we can become the real thing. We aim to bring together great indie musicians and bands, and promote shows in several different spaces. We hope you'll learn to trust the B+T name as a group that can put together great shows. We hope you'll help us. If you're a photographer, graphic artist, recording engineer with a good home studio, web designer, or videographer, we want to get to know you. If you want to help, in any way, with this project of building a scene here in Wheeling, please reach out.

Let's do it.