So, about 3rd Friday...

This past Saturday morning, B+T made a pitch to the good folks at Artworks. Our dear friend, Andrew Croft (founder of the original 3rd Friday at Artworks) had introduced us to someone at Artworks who believed in the event and wanted to see it continue. Of course we wanted to see it continue, as well. As you may have read in our first blog post, there aren't a lot of places around town that are friendly to, much less outright supportive of, local and original indie music. So we spent a couple months working on a pitch to partner with Artworks so we could see to it that Andrew and his wife, Patricia's hard work hadn't been in vain. As local musicians, and especially as B+T, we can't thank the Crofts enough for their work. To put it bluntly, B+T probably wouldn't even exist, if not for 3rd Friday. 

So maybe you already know where this is going, but... Artworks approved of our proposal! What this means is that we are now officially partnering with them to put on the 3rd Friday at Artworks event. What does that mean to you? Initially, not much should be changing from the original event. We will continue to produce fantastic, free shows that feature local, original music, poetry and spoken word, etc... There are plans for some improvements in time, but we'll talk more about those in coming months (so you may want to like and turn on notifications for our FB page). The most important thing right now is, 3rd Friday at Artworks is back! We'd like to publicly thank Artworks for maintaining such a high view of local music, as well as for putting their faith in us to keep this important event alive.

While all this has been going on, we've also been hard at work building this humble collective. We've been bringing artists and bands on board, and putting our heads together to decide the most effective ways to grow the original music scene in Wheeling. Almost from the beginning, we've seen 3rd Friday as a potential important piece of the puzzle, and now that we're officially involved, we'd like to announce that Friday, September 16th, 2016 will be our own real-world kickoff. That night will see both the return of 3rd Friday at Artworks, as well as the official launch of The Bridge+Tunnel Collective. The bill will feature multiple members of B+T including The Pussyfooters, Michael Iafrate, Old Northern, Mange, Mr. Fancy Pants, and Joshua Lee. It would mean a lot to us to see you there. Come to show your appreciation for Artworks, come to get to know B+T, and most of all, come to enjoy a killer show and an unforgettable night. Thank you all, and spread the word. Good things in Wheeling.