Q&A w/ Secret Devil Tuning

Hometown and current homebase

St. Marys, WV/ Wheeling, WV

Either make up a new word for your genre, or give us 5 words to describe your sound.

Punk blues? Hillpunk? Primitive Dad Rock?  


Just me, Stephen Ashley Moore

What are you listening to now? 

I've been on a Drive Like Jehu kick for about 2 months now.

What would you have been listening to when you were 15? 

At 15 I listened to a lot of Public Enemy,  Minor Threat and Fugazi.   

What are you promoting/what are you working on now?

I'm trying to find the time to record a 2 song for Mofo Music in Germany and a split 7" with Swampfoot.

How do you write a song?

Guitar first, then I see if I can play drums with it, if not I simplify the guitar part until I get that part down, then I write lyrics using a crossword puzzle. (Most of what I sing about in nonsense.  

What song do you wish you wrote? (Assuming money and credit is NOT a factor)

Party in the USA

If there was one place in the area you could play a show, where would it be? 

I would love to play the Capitol Theater. I know that's laughable. Hell, how about the Blues fest?  

Are you "there" yet? (Interpret this in any way you see fit, but It really refers to your own assessment of your progress as a musician, songwriter, or band)

No, not really. But I'm enjoying myself.