Q&A w/ Concrete Teepee

Hometown/ Homebase

We are from Wheeling, West Virginia and that is also our current home-base

Either make up a new word for your genre, or give us 5 words to describe your sound.

Psychedelic Folk Blues


Kyle Cunningham
Will Wallace
Eddie Berardi
Robbie Kettlewell 

What are you listening to now?

W: Now - The Moondoggies, Fly Golden Eagle, White Denim, The Hold Steady, Dr. Dog, MMJ, Band of Horses, Smashing Pumpkins, Billie Holiday, Ja'boi Fats Waller, Duke Ellington
E: Now – White Denim, The Dismemberment Plan, Huey Lewis and the News, Chicago, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Bread, Led Zepplin, Beastie Boys, Peter Gabriel, Ween, Screaming Females
K: Now – A lot of Billy Joe Shaver and Townes Van Zandt
R: Now – Foo Fighters, Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers

What would you have been listening to when you were 15?

W: When I was 15 - Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, Smashing Pumpkins, Mushroomhead, Pantera, Acid Bath, Slayer, Slipknot
E: When I was 15 – From First to Last, Slipknot, The Used, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimi Hendrix, Underoath, Pantera, Reel Big Fish, Metallica, Daft Punk, Senses Fail, Black Sabbath
K: When I was 15 - AC/DC
R: When I was 15 – A lot of Garth Brooks, Fountains of Wayne, Alan Jackson

What are you promoting/what are you working on now?

We are in the process of cleaning/tightening up our old songs and working on new stuff, as we’re coming off a hiatus.

How do you write a song? 

Typically we jam around until we get in a groove with something we like. From there Kyle and Will start working their magic on the lyrics.

What song do you wish you wrote? (Assuming money and credit are NOT factors. Only your would know you wrote the song an your only reward would be the knowledge that you brought into the world.)

Will: "From" - Dr. Dog. It's....just an amazing song. The verses hold so much weight and the chorus is so simple. I don't know why, but I just love that song. Even the guitar solo is simple but adds so much to the song.
Eddie: "Time Bomb" – The Dismemberment Plan
Kyle: "Bat out of Hell" – Meatloaf
Robbie: "Say It Ain’t So" - Weezer

If there was one place in the area you could play a show, where would it be?

The Capitol Theatre. So much history is there. So many great acts have played that stage. If not there, then obviously Ernie's Esquire or at least the Cork and Bottle.

Are you "there" yet? (Interpret this in any way you see fit, but It really refers to your own assessment of your progress as a musician, songwriter, or band)

If this was asked 3 years ago, we'd say no way, not even close. Being asked today....we have four friends who all have busy lives, and collectively decide to meet up and play the songs we wrote together, to create more music and to play it for others. We play with other bands who share the same tastes and ideas. That may not be "there" but it’s a pretty amazing thing and we’re happy to take it.