Q&A w/ Old Northern

Hometown and current homebase

We began and remain in Barnesville, OH.

Either make up a new word for your genre, or give us 5 words to describe your sound

Folk, rock, easy-going, solemn, warm


Ryan Mowery: vocals/guitar
Mark Mowery: guitar
Bruce Mowery: keyboard
Steve Myers: Bass
Kyle Hoops: Drums             

What are you listening to now?

Ryan:  I’ve been listening to a lot of Lord Huron, The New Amsterdams, and Band of Horses. BOH’s Live at the Ryman is everything I’ve ever wanted from a live album.
Mark: I usually don’t give up on any artist. I’m still listening to many of the groups I always have. Most currently I’ve been listening to The Heligoats, Wilco, My Morning Jacket, and a lot of older stuff like Huey Lewis, Neil Young, and Hall and Oats…Basically anything you’d hear at Kroger in Mount de Chantel.
Kyle: At the moment I’m on a Who kick.
Bruce: My Morning Jacket, Evan Dando – Baby I’m Bored, The Replacements

Steve: Mothership, Clutch, Prong, Helmet, Corrosion of Conformity

What would you have been listening to when you were 15?

Mark: Other than the typical 15-year-old stuff like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Third Eye Blind, I was indulging in some heavier stuff like Darkest Hour, Norma Jean, August Burns Red… Also, Ryan and I were known for bumpin’ some Bone Thugs.   

Kyle: The music I listened to when was along the lines of Coheed and Cambria, Blink 182, and Aesop Rock. Of course, I’ve always had a soft spot for 90’s alternative.

Ryan: It was probably a healthy mix of Tupac and Oasis.

Bruce: Oh my. Bone Thugs, 80’s Metallica, Pantera, Sublime, Tool

Steve: Nirvana, 311, STP, Gin Blossoms, Blind Melon, Dr. Dre, Anthrax, Monster Magnet, Chili Peppers, NIN. I was all over the place.

What are you working on now?

Ryan: We are actually getting ready to begin recording our second album. We are all pretty excited about it. Our first album, A Way to Leave, had a lot of stuff that I wrote before the band formed. However, this second album is going to be a bit different because everyone in the band has been involved with every aspect of the process. It’s kind of like the band’s second first album. Pretty exciting stuff.

How do you write a song?

Ryan: Sometimes I sit down and write a song in 30 minutes or less. Other times I have to dive into a large tote of scrap lyrics and song ideas to get the creative juices flowing. For me, melodies usually come first. After I find that, I usually just sing random words and make guttural sounds until something sounds good. Unfortunately, I still don’t have writing down to a science. I’m not sure that I’d want to though.
Kyle: It varies, but the songs I’m happiest with are spontaneous.  

What song do you wish you wrote? (Assuming money or credit are NOT factors. Only you would know that you wrote the song and your only compensation would be the knowledge that you brought it into the world.)

Bruce: Winter by The Rolling Stones

Mark:  Africa by Toto.

Ryan: Makes No Difference by The Band. That song has been stuck in my head all day ̶ that and the Hot Pockets theme song. However, it would probably be different if you asked me tomorrow.

Steve: Brain Damage, or maybe Time. Dark Side  ̶ I wish I wrote Dark Side of the Moon. And Eruption by Van Halen, cause I’m not very good at lyrics.

Kyle: Mayonnaise. I love me some Smashing Pumpkins.

If there was one place in the area you could play a show, where would it be?

Ryan: I’ve always wanted to play St. Clairsville’s Amphitheater. It looks pretty sweet.

Kyle: Truthfully, I don’t know the area all that well. I’m happy just playing to an audience willing to listen.

Steve: I have yet to make it to one of Sparky’s jam fest parties. I’d dig playing there.

Bruce: The Capital.
Mark: Perkins  

Are you "there" yet? (Interpret this in any way you see fit, but I really refers to your own assessment of your progress as a musician, songwriter, or band)

Ryan: Honestly, I’m not in a rush to be anywhere. Everything is going pretty good right now. Sure, there is always room for improvement. But overall, the present times are good enough for me. If there is something better in store, I guess I’ll see it when we get “there.”

Mark: Not quite. But we have been talking about buying leather jackets, so that may help.

Kyle: I don’t think I’ll ever be “there.” I’ll probably always want more. A goal of mine, as I’m sure most artists, would be to play music full time.

Steve: I’ve got a beautiful wife and two perfect daughters, a good job, great family and friends, and a killer band. I’d say I’m doing alright.

Bruce: Indeed.