Q&A w/ Joshua Lee

Q: Hometown and current home base -

A: I grew up in Rensselaer, IN, moved to Nashville, TN right after high school, and spent 13 years there until moving here to Wheeling 3 years ago.

Q: Either make up a new word for your genre, or give us 5 words to describe your sound

A: Ambient indie folk-dream-pop

Q: What are you listening to now? What would you have been listening to when you were 15?

A: Now: Bahamas, Jenny Lewis, Blake Mills, and KOL's Because of the times are in pretty heavy rotation now, and I will always return to Ryan Adams and M83,
But when I was 15, I was wearing out whatever Audio Adrenaline and DC Talk CD had come out most recently.

Q: What are you promoting/what are you working on now?

A: I'm working on my first Album or EP right now. I hope to have it out by Spring.

Q: How do you write a song?

A: I usually need to be alone, and have quiet. Most often, my songs grow out of a particular chord progression, riff or ambient thing that really moves me. If it's strong enough, a lyric or melody (sometimes both, simultaneously) will follow.

Q: What song do you wish you wrote? (Assuming money and credit would NOT be factors. i.e. Only you would ever know that you wrote it and would only be rewarded with the private satisfaction of that knowledge)

A: This could be a really long list, but the top right this second would have to be "Fake Empire," by the National. That song is everything. The lyrics paint such a strong picture for me, the recording is beautiful, it's the perfect kind of melancholy that shows up in all of my favorite songs.

Q: If there was one place in the area you could play a show, where would it be?

A: The Capitol, I'm a sucker for a beautiful, old theater

Q: Are you "there" yet? (Interpret this in any way you see fit, but I really refers to your own assessment of your progress as a musician, songwriter, or band)

A: I am, and I never will be. I chased "making it" in Nashville for a long time, and by a lot of measures, I made it. But ultimately "it" wasn't for me. I want to make music and still be a part of my family, and I just couldn't figure out how to do that in Nashville. After some time away from music, things started to make more sense to me. I don't need the big tours, I don't need the big record deals, I just need to make songs and record that I'm proud of. That being said, I'm never really happy with stuff, so hopefully I'll never feel like I'm "there." Dissatisfaction is too important to me.